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The Covid-19 Global Crisis has impacted companies of every size, and leaders and coaches are not immune to the vast changes that the pandemic has triggered.

Yet, there's a huge opportunity for coaches to shape the business future in a way never before possible.

Yes, it's possible that people will be angry when you coach them. In the rare instance that this happens, it's important to recognize they're not necessarily mad at you.

Everybody's having a hard time because it's all-new. A lot of people are struggling with "What do I do now, and what should I do next?"

Enter the Coach as Leader

As such, coaching is becoming less of trying to solve business problems but creating a process that allows both the coach and the team members to work together to solve situations that never existed in the history of the company.

Before the pandemic, many employers were excited about the idea of getting coaching to more employees through virtual channels, but many companies were risk-averse and were moving slowly.

Now, the potential of virtual coaching is fully realized, and moving fast as a new normal.

A New Normal for Coaching

The new normal is rising. We can make significant changes during this time and create teamwork like never before.

I encourage each leader to reignite their process of imagination: instead of attempting to fix everything... simply pause and think:

  • What is your overall call to action when in crisis?
  • How can you re-evaluate initiatives in light of some new context?
  • How can you encourage your team-members to do the same with fresh new imagination that is cultivated with your coaching?

Bringing out the Best

The crisis also presents a wonderful opportunity. Coaching can help leaders adopt a new level of calm for their teams. A leader can become the touchstone for people by communicating "We will get through this."

It can anchor the entire organization. At the same time, it can also be beneficial for the leader to showcase his or her humanity, acknowledging that all aspects of the situation are difficult.

Learn More about the New Coaching...

Help is Here!

If you're navigating through the process of "How do I coach during difficult times?"

I would like to invite you to - Pivoting Upgraded for Performance - Coaching During Challenging Times.

This session was recorded LIVE, and is filled with up to the minute skill upgrades that will ensure your coaching is powerful, relevant and successful. such topics as:

  • What is your Pivot Leadership Style?
  • What are the 5-C's that will guarantee your team's success at this critical time?
  • What should do when coaching is not the answer?
  • What are the steps to conducting an EPIC coaching session?

Master Certified Coach

Dr. Sandra Steen
Dr. Sandra Steen

Dr. Sandra Steen is a prolific modern-day thought-leader. Dr. Sandra Steen's high-energy, dynamic leadership has been lauded and implemented globally, her cultivated insights & proven assessments reveal latent potential for a variety of diverse and multi-generational audiences.

These audiences have included fortune 500 corporations, universities, non-profits, churches and individuals of all backgrounds. With in-depth insights and with great sensitivity, Dr. Steen balances truth & transparency to shift frustrated audiences from distraction and non-performance to clarity and bottom-line results.

You will always leave better when you lean into the transformation strategies Dr. Sandra Steen skillfully introduces whether speaking, coaching or leading international audiences through an interactive magnificent, creative and effective discovery process.

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The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
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How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
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